Whistler’s Best Kept Secret

Whistler is THE place to be. Whether you are here for one week, one month or 17 years, experiencing everything in this town is a rite of passage. And after you’ve done your skiing, riding, biking, and hiking or maybe you’ve just finished a tough shift at the Tourist Information Centre, (yes, the horseback riding tour includes the horse) …. your Whistler schooling must include the Southside Diner in Creekside.

This is Whistler’s best kept secret, the little greasy spoon, without the grease that could. After a night of parading around in your best lampshade, take advantage of our free parking, (gasp)! and join us for breakfast. Don’t be daunted at the front door if there is a big clump of people with hangovers vying for food, booze and Advil. A familiar faced staffer will assure you a cozy booth in a timely manner or you can elbow it out in traditional Diner style at the counter and maybe make a friend or two. Order a Double Bailey’s coffee, (singles don’t exist), Brie stuffed French toast with a healthy slab of swine and take in the expansive view of the Husky Gas Station nestled at the bottom of Whistler Mountain. The Southside Diner’s cuisine is not limited to breakfast fare as we cater to locals and tourists alike in a dinner experience that offers up your mom’s meatloaf and maybe your momma, (just kidding). Arguably the best burgers in town can be found here – why not hunker down with a frosty pint? Glitz and glamour are not our style and hushed tones are frowned upon. Bring your personality because we certainly bring ours.

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